1. Introductions...Me, Us, You

Tom Diener, Technology Consultant

1a. Click on the Bio Doc Tab and enter your infromation.
1b. Visit the New York State Program website: 

2. Putting it in Context - Why Web 2.0?
Focus on Your User...

10 Things About Google

I Remember

3. Putting in Context...Why Google Apps for Eduction?

YouTube Video

4. Hand's-On Activity - Google Docs Collaboration
4a. Log into a user account: 
Username: student01, student02, student03...student20
Password: 01student, 02student, 03student...20student

4b. Create a short word processing document (Subject: What's the good news in education?)

4c. Share your word processing document with the person sitting next to you.

4d. Explore document collaboration tools and revision history.

5. GAFE Core Services...Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites
5a. Visit: and explore the guides 

6. GAFE Add-Ons...Moderator, Video, Contact Manager
6a. Visit: and explore the guides

7. Set-up Your Own Google Apps Account  
7a. Think of a couple unique domain names

7b. Fill out the apps application form:  

Choose: For individuals and small teams

You will need a credit card to register your domain for one year ($10.00)

7c. Write down your domain name, user name, and password

7d. CNAME records

8. Managing Your Account...
8a. Log-on to your control panel dashboard

http:// (Click on the Cog Button on the top right corner and select Manage Domain)
Look at the Set-up Guide

8b. Manage Core Apps Settings
Docs (collaboration permissions)

8c. Add and Manage Services

8d. Organization & Users
Create users individually
Changing roles and rights
Add suborganization
Set suborganization settings (Click on suborganization name on the left - then click on services)
Add users to suborganizations

8f. Groups
Set to announcements only!

8g. Domain Settings

8h. Reports

8i. Advanced Tools

8j. Set-up

8k. Support 

8l. Settings 
General and Organization

8m. Google Apps for Education Benefits

8n. Upgrade to an Google Apps for Education Account

9. Google Apps for Education...New York State Going Google
9a. Review the New York State Going Google Guide
9b. Explore the links to resources
9c. Explore the Certified Trainer Page

10. Review Learning Tools

Click on the Learning Tools Tab at the top of this page.

11. Explore Lesson Plans and Classroom Examples
Click on the In the Classroom Tab at the top of this page.

12. GAFE Security and Privacy
FAQs about GAFE Security and other legal matters
GAFE Myths Dispelled presentation

13. Whew...Questions, Comments, and Suggestions?